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Tokyo to Taipei: Your Ultimate Budget Travel Guide

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Tokyo to Taipei: Your Ultimate Budget Travel Guide

Last Update:Date: 20/05/2024

Welcome to Our Comprehensive Travel Guide from Tokyo to Taipei

Planning a trip from Tokyo to Taipei but worried about breaking the bank? You're not alone. Many travelers face the challenge of balancing their wanderlust with budget constraints. Fortunately, Taipei offers a plethora of affordable options that make it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers. From cheap flights to budget accommodations and affordable dining, you can enjoy a memorable trip without emptying your wallet.

Imagine savoring delicious street food at bustling night markets, exploring historic temples, and soaking in hot springs—all while sticking to a budget. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. By leveraging smart travel tips and knowing where to look, you can experience the best of Taipei without financial stress.

Ever wondered how to find the cheapest flights or the best budget-friendly accommodations in Taipei? Or perhaps you're curious about navigating the city's efficient transportation system without spending a fortune? This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions and more, ensuring you have an enjoyable and cost-effective trip. As the saying goes, 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.' Let's dive in and discover how you can enrich your life with an unforgettable journey from Tokyo to Taipei, all while staying within your budget.

Explore the Sections of Our Guide

  • How to Find Budget Flights from Tokyo to Taipei
  • Accommodation: Budget-Friendly Options in Taipei
  • Dining: Affordable Eats in Taipei
  • Transportation: Getting Around Taipei on a Budget
  • Attractions: Must-See Sights in Taipei
  • Budget Tips: Saving Money in Taipei

How to Find Budget Flights from Tokyo to Taipei

Best Airlines and Costs

Planning a budget trip from Tokyo to Taipei? You're in luck! Several airlines offer competitive prices. For instance, you can snag a one-way flight for as low as $99 with Jetstar Japan. Other budget-friendly airlines include Scoot, Peach, and EVA Air. If you're looking for round-trip tickets, Scoot offers deals starting at $195, while Jetstar Japan has round-trip options for around $204.

When to Book and Travel

Timing is everything when it comes to scoring the best deals. The cheapest month to fly from Tokyo to Taipei is September, with average ticket prices around $294. On the flip side, February and December are the priciest months, with average fares of $407 and $377, respectively. Booking about 51 days in advance can also help you lock in the lowest prices.

Optimal Travel Days and Times

Choosing the right day and time can make a big difference in your travel budget. The cheapest day to fly is typically Thursday, while Sunday tends to be the most expensive. Morning flights are generally cheaper, with prices about 18% lower than those departing at noon.

Direct Flights and Duration

Direct flights are your best bet for a cost-effective and time-efficient trip from Tokyo to Taipei. The distance between the two cities is about 1309.1 miles, and a direct flight takes roughly 3 hours and 25 minutes. There are around 27 direct flights per day, with the most popular departure time being 7:00 PM. Monday is the busiest day for departures, making up 15% of weekly flights.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

  1. Use Price Alerts: Websites like Momondo offer price alert features to notify you when flight prices drop.
  2. Flexible Booking Policies: Look for flights with flexible booking policies to avoid extra charges if your plans change.
  3. Compare Multiple Sites: Use multiple travel comparison sites like Kayak and Momondo to ensure you're getting the best deal.
  4. Book in Advance: Aim to book around 51 days before your departure date to secure the lowest prices.
  5. Travel Off-Peak: Flying during off-peak times, such as in the morning or on less popular days like Thursday, can save you money.

Documentation and Travel Requirements

Before you go, make sure you have the necessary documentation. A passport valid for at least six months beyond your planned arrival date in Taipei is required. Check with your airline or a trusted third party like IATA for any specific travel and health documents you might need.

Summary of Key Points

  • Cheapest Airlines: Jetstar Japan, Scoot, Peach, EVA Air.
  • Best Booking Time: 51 days in advance.
  • Cheapest Travel Month: September.
  • Optimal Travel Day: Thursday.
  • Optimal Travel Time: Morning.
  • Direct Flight Duration: Approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Price Alerts and Flexible Booking: Utilize tools like Momondo's price alerts and filter for flexible booking policies.

By following these tips and utilizing the resources mentioned, you can find budget-friendly flights from Tokyo to Taipei, ensuring a cost-effective and enjoyable travel experience.

Accommodation: Budget-Friendly Options in Taipei

Ximending: Affordable and Convenient

Ximending is a vibrant neighborhood known for its youthful energy and bustling streets. It's a popular area for budget travelers due to its affordable accommodation options and convenient location near Taipei Main Station. It's also a great spot for dining and shopping, with numerous street food vendors and trendy stores.

Ximen Garden Inn offers private rooms at prices comparable to hostel beds. Located north of the main road from exit 6 of Ximen MRT, it provides 24-hour self-check-in and free luggage storage, making it ideal for travelers arriving or departing at odd hours. While the rooms are basic and somewhat dated, the convenience and affordability make it a solid choice (Nick Kembel).

Taipei Main Station: Central and Accessible

Staying near Taipei Main Station offers unparalleled access to the city's transportation network, including the Airport MRT, making it a strategic choice for budget travelers. This area is bustling with local eateries, shopping malls, and historical sites like the Presidential Office Building.

Star Hostel Taipei Main is highly recommended for its cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, and excellent facilities. It offers both dormitory beds and private rooms with private bathrooms. Breakfast is included for all guests, and the hostel's common room is bright and open, thanks to large windows (Nick Kembel).

Old Door Hostel and Bar is another budget-friendly option in the same neighborhood. It is even closer to the Airport MRT and Taipei Main Station, located just steps from an entrance to Taipei City Mall. The hostel features a small bar where guests can meet other travelers or locals, and a free drink is included at check-in (Nick Kembel).

Taipei 101 Area: Budget Options with a View

While the Taipei 101 area is known for its upscale hotels, there are still budget-friendly options available. This area also offers numerous dining options and high-end shopping experiences.

Formosa 101 Hostel is one of the few remaining hostels in the Taipei 101 area post-COVID. It offers the cheapest accommodation in Taipei with a view of Taipei 101, which can be enjoyed from the rooftop. However, it is advisable to read reviews before booking, as it is not the highest-rated hostel in the city (Nick Kembel).

Beitou Hot Springs: Affordable Serenity Near Taipei

Beitou is Taipei's only MRT-accessible hot spring resort village, making it a unique option for budget travelers looking to relax. The area is known for its beautiful hot springs, lush parks, and cultural attractions like the Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

You can find a peaceful retreat with budget-friendly options in Beitou. On My Way Taipei Hostel is a popular choice among budget travelers. It provides dormitory beds and private rooms, and is located near Beitou MRT Station, making it easy to access the hot springs and other attractions in the area (Hostelworld).

Other Notable Budget Hostels

Taipei has a wide range of budget hostels that cater to different preferences and needs. Here are a few notable mentions:

  • Taipei Discover Hostel is a modern hostel with private rooms, mixed dorms, and female-only dorms. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a microwave, a fridge, a kettle, a bidet, a hairdryer, and a desk. The hostel is located less than 1 km from Xingtian Temple and 2 km from Ningxia Night Market (Hostelgeeks).

  • Taiwan Youth Hostel offers capsule pods with good storage space, top-notch amenities, and free breakfast. It is a great option for travelers looking for a unique and comfortable stay (Hostelgeeks).

  • Fun Taipei Hostel @ Shilin Night Market is another budget-friendly option located near the famous Shilin Night Market. It offers dormitory beds and private rooms, making it a convenient choice for travelers who want to explore the night market and other nearby attractions (Hostelz).

  • 109 Hostel Taipei is a highly recommended hostel with a modern design and individual pods for extra privacy. It offers a free airport shuttle to Taipei Songshan Airport, making it a convenient option for budget travelers (The Broke Backpacker).

Booking Tips and Considerations

When booking budget accommodation in Taipei, consider the following tips:

  1. Book in Advance: Budget hostels and hotels can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons and holidays. Booking in advance ensures you get the best rates and availability.

  2. Read Reviews: Always read reviews from other travelers to get an idea of the quality and cleanliness of the accommodation. Websites like, Hostelworld, and TripAdvisor are great resources for reviews.

  3. Check Amenities: Some budget accommodations may not include amenities like breakfast, linens, or toiletries. Make sure to check what is included in the price to avoid any surprises.

  4. Location: Consider the location of the accommodation in relation to the attractions you want to visit. Staying near an MRT station can save you time and money on transportation.

  5. Flexible Dates: If your travel dates are flexible, you may be able to find better rates by avoiding weekends and peak travel times.


By following these tips and considering the budget-friendly options mentioned above, you can enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay in Taipei while exploring all that the city has to offer. Whether you're looking for a vibrant neighborhood like Ximending, the central convenience of Taipei Main Station, a view of Taipei 101, or the serene hot springs of Beitou, Taipei has something to suit every budget traveler. Happy travels! 🌏🏨

Dining: Affordable Eats in Taipei

Best Night Markets for Affordable Dining in Taipei

You’ll find a haven for budget travelers in Taipei's night markets, bustling with a variety of local delicacies at wallet-friendly prices.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is one of the largest and most famous night markets in Taipei. Here, you can find a plethora of street food options that won’t break the bank. A must-try is the "Ah-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle," a savory dish priced around NT$50-70 (approximately USD 1.60-2.25). Another popular item is the "Fuzhou Pepper Buns," which cost about NT$50 (USD 1.60) each. To navigate Shilin Night Market more effectively, visit on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds, and try to go early around 5 PM or later in the evening around 9 PM to dodge peak hours (Wanderlog).

Raohe Street Night Market

Raohe Street Night Market is another excellent spot for budget dining. The market is famous for its "Black Pepper Buns," which are priced at NT$50 (USD 1.60). You can also enjoy a bowl of "Pork Rib Soup" for around NT$85 (USD 2.75). To make the most out of your visit, look for stalls with long lines, as they usually indicate high-quality food. Also, using a few basic Mandarin phrases or a translation app can help overcome language barriers (Eating in Taipei).

Hidden Gems: Local Eateries for Budget-Friendly Meals

Beyond the night markets, Taipei is home to numerous local eateries that offer affordable yet delectable meals.

Yong He Soy Milk King

For an authentic Taiwanese breakfast, head to Yong He Soy Milk King. This eatery is renowned for its soy milk and breakfast baos. A typical meal here, including a bowl of soy milk and a fried bread stick, costs around NT$50-70 (USD 1.60-2.25) (Belletrist Travels).

Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice

Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice is a local favorite for its flavorful braised pork rice. A bowl costs approximately NT$30-50 (USD 1-1.60), making it an excellent choice for budget travelers (Wanderlog).

Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Taipei

Several restaurants in Taipei offer affordable dining options without compromising on quality.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung, though globally renowned, offers reasonably priced meals in its home city. A meal here, including their famous xiao long bao (soup dumplings), typically costs around NT$200-300 (USD 6.50-9.75) per person (Belletrist Travels).

TianTianLi Restaurant

Located in Ximending, TianTianLi Restaurant is known for its budget-friendly yet delicious meals. A bowl of rice with meat and a gooey egg costs under NT$50 (USD 1.60), making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike (Eating in Taipei).

Must-Try Budget-Friendly Foods in Taipei

Taipei offers a variety of specialty dishes that are both affordable and delicious.

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef noodle soup is a staple in Taiwanese cuisine. At places like "Yongkang Beef Noodles," you can enjoy a hearty bowl for around NT$150-200 (USD 4.85-6.50) (Wanderlog).

Oyster Omelet

The oyster omelet is another must-try dish. At Ningxia Night Market, you can savor this local delicacy for about NT$85 (USD 2.75) (Eating in Taipei).

Affordable Cafes and Dessert Spots in Taipei

For those with a sweet tooth, Taipei has numerous cafes and dessert spots that offer affordable treats.

Smoothie House

Smoothie House is famous for its mango shaved ice, a refreshing dessert perfect for Taipei’s humid weather. A bowl costs around NT$150-200 (USD 4.85-6.50) (Wanderlog).

Summer Tree Desserts

Located near Fish Rice Noodles, Summer Tree Desserts offers a variety of shaved ice options. A bowl of shaved ice here costs around NT$100-150 (USD 3.25-4.85), making it an affordable treat after a meal (Eating in Taipei).

Tips for Budget Dining in Taipei

  • Night Markets: Always carry cash, as most vendors do not accept credit cards.
  • Local Eateries: Look for places with long lines of locals; it’s usually a sign of good food at reasonable prices.
  • Street Food: Don’t be afraid to try street food; it’s often the most affordable and authentic way to experience local cuisine.
  • Service Charges: Be aware that some restaurants add a 10% service charge to the bill (TaiwanEater).
  • No Tipping: Tipping is not customary in Taipei, so you can save a bit more on your dining expenses (TaiwanEater).
  • Seasonal Tips: During the summer, try cold dishes like liangmian (cold noodles) and enjoy hot pot in the winter for a warming meal. Always check the weather forecast and dress accordingly, as Taipei can be quite humid (TaiwanEater).

Seasonal Food Festivals and Vegetarian/Vegan Budget Options

In addition to the year-round dining options, Taipei hosts several seasonal food festivals that offer a wealth of affordable eats. For example, the Taipei Beef Noodle Soup Festival in November showcases a variety of budget-friendly beef noodle soups from different vendors.

For vegetarian and vegan travelers, Taipei offers numerous budget-friendly options. Many local eateries and night market stalls provide delicious vegetarian dishes, such as "vegetarian dumplings" and "stir-fried vegetables." Restaurants like "Ooh Cha Cha" are known for their affordable and tasty vegan meals.

By exploring these budget-friendly dining options, you can enjoy the rich culinary landscape of Taipei without straining your wallet. Whether you’re savoring street food at a night market or dining at a local eatery, Taipei offers a plethora of affordable and delicious options for every budget traveler.

Transportation: Getting Around Taipei on a Budget

Riding the MRT: Taipei's Metro System

The Taipei Metro, commonly known as the MRT, is the backbone of Taipei's public transportation system. It is renowned for its efficiency, cleanliness, and affordability. The MRT network covers most of the city and extends to New Taipei City, making it an ideal option for budget travelers.

Fares and Payment Options:

  • The fare for a single journey ranges from 20 to 65 TWD, depending on the distance traveled.
  • For frequent travelers, the EasyCard is highly recommended. This rechargeable card can be used on the MRT, buses, and even for YouBike rentals. It offers a 20% discount on MRT fares and can be purchased at any MRT station or convenience store (TripJive).

Tips for Budget Travelers:

  • Consider purchasing a Taipei Fun Pass, which offers unlimited rides on the MRT and buses for a set number of days. Prices start at 180 TWD for a one-day pass.
  • Avoid traveling during peak hours (7:30-9:30 AM and 5:00-7:00 PM) to experience less crowded trains and potentially faster travel times.
  • Safety Tip: If traveling late at night, stay in well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings.

Navigating Taipei's Bus System

Taipei's bus system complements the MRT by covering areas that the metro does not reach. The bus network is extensive, with routes that can take you to various attractions and neighborhoods.

Types of Buses:

  • Local Buses: These cover short distances within the city.
  • Express Buses: These travel longer distances, including routes to other cities.
  • Tourist Buses: Ideal for exploring Taipei’s popular attractions (TripJive).

Fares and Payment Methods:

  • The fare for local buses is typically 15 TWD per section.
  • Payment can be made with cash or an EasyCard, which offers a discount on fares.

Tips for Budget Travelers:

  • Use the iBus app to navigate the bus system efficiently. The app provides real-time bus schedules and route information.
  • Take advantage of the free transfer policy between buses and the MRT within one hour when using an EasyCard.
  • Pro Tip: Avoid the busiest routes during rush hours to ensure a more comfortable journey.

YouBike Rentals: Exploring Taipei on Two Wheels

For those who enjoy cycling, Taipei offers an excellent bike-sharing program called YouBike. This eco-friendly and cost-effective option allows you to explore the city at your own pace.

How It Works:

  • YouBike stations are conveniently located throughout the city, often near MRT stations.
  • To rent a bike, simply swipe your EasyCard at the docking station. The first 30 minutes are free, and each additional 30 minutes costs 10 TWD (TrekExplorer).

Tips for Budget Travelers:

  • Plan your route to take advantage of the free 30-minute rides. You can return the bike and rent another one to avoid additional charges.
  • Always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules for a safe cycling experience.
  • Pro Tip: Early mornings are the best time to rent a YouBike if you want to avoid the heat and crowds.

Taxis: When Convenience Matters

While taxis are more expensive than public transportation, they can be a convenient option, especially for late-night travel or when carrying heavy luggage.


  • The base fare for taxis in Taipei is 70 TWD for the first 1.25 kilometers, with an additional 5 TWD for every 250 meters thereafter.
  • Nighttime surcharges (20% increase) apply between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM (TripJive).

Tips for Budget Travelers:

  • Use reputable taxi services and ensure the meter is running to avoid overcharging.
  • Consider using ride-hailing apps like Uber, which can sometimes offer cheaper fares and promotions.

Walking: Discovering Taipei on Foot

Walking is one of the best ways to explore Taipei’s neighborhoods and soak up the local culture. The city is pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained sidewalks and numerous pedestrian crossings.

Tips for Budget Travelers:

  • Join free walking tours offered by companies like Like It Formosa and Tour Me Away. These tours provide cultural and historical insights and are a great way to meet other travelers (Nomadic Matt).
  • Use Google Maps or other navigation apps to plan your walking routes and discover hidden gems along the way.

Additional Tips for Budget Travelers

Travel Apps and Cards:

  • EasyCard: This card is essential for budget travelers, offering discounts on MRT and bus fares, and can be used for YouBike rentals and purchases at convenience stores.
  • iBus App: This app provides real-time bus schedules and route information, making it easier to navigate the bus system.

Avoid High-Speed Rails (HSR):

  • While the HSR is convenient, it is also expensive. A one-way ticket from Taipei to Kaohsiung costs around 1,500 TWD. Instead, opt for local trains, which are half the price and offer a more scenic journey (Nomadic Matt).

Stay in Budget Accommodations:

  • Hostels in Taipei offer dorm rooms for 550-700 TWD per night. Private rooms in hostels can be found for 1,600-2,200 TWD per night. For more privacy, consider a basic two-star hotel, which costs 1,200-1,500 TWD per night (Nomadic Matt).

Eat at Food Markets:

  • Taipei’s food markets offer a wide variety of delicious and affordable meals. Prices range from 90-150 TWD per meal, making it easy to eat well on a budget. Avoid Western food, which is generally more expensive (Nomadic Matt).

By utilizing these budget-friendly transportation options and tips, travelers can explore Taipei affordably and efficiently, ensuring a memorable and cost-effective trip.

Attractions: Must-See Sights in Taipei

Unmissable Views: Taipei 101 Observatory

Once the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 is an iconic landmark offering breathtaking views of the city. The observatory on the 89th floor provides a panoramic view of Taipei and its surroundings. For an even more exhilarating experience, explore the outdoor observatory on the 91st floor. Visitors often describe the view from the Taipei 101 Observatory as breathtaking, especially at sunset. One traveler mentioned, 'Watching the city lights come to life from the 91st floor was an unforgettable experience.' The best time to visit is around sunset for a stunning view. Admission is approximately NT$600 (around $19 USD). The closest MRT station is Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station. For more information, visit the Taipei 101 official website.

Discovering History: National Palace Museum

Home to over 700,000 artifacts spanning 8,000 years, the National Palace Museum is a treasure trove of Chinese art and history. The collection includes jade, bronze, ceramics, and paintings from various dynasties. Modern technology enhances the visitor experience with digital displays and interactive exhibits. Don't miss the famous Jadeite Cabbage, a delicate jade sculpture that is one of the museum's most prized pieces. The museum often hosts special exhibitions and educational events, adding to its appeal. Admission is NT$350 (around $11 USD). The nearest MRT station is Shilin Station, with a short bus ride to the museum. For more details, check out the National Palace Museum website.

Night Market Delight: Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is one of the largest and most famous night markets in Taipei, offering a variety of street food, clothing, and souvenirs. Popular food items include stinky tofu, oyster omelets, and bubble tea. Visiting on weekdays can help avoid crowds. Be sure to try the giant fried chicken cutlet, a local favorite. The market is accessible via the MRT Jiantan Station. A frequent visitor noted, 'The Shilin Night Market is a food lover's paradise; the variety and flavors are unparalleled.' For more details, visit the Shilin Night Market guide.

Historical Insights: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Built in memory of the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek, this national monument features a grand white building with a blue octagonal roof. Inside, visitors can learn about Chiang Kai-shek's life and Taiwan's history. The changing of the guard ceremony, which occurs every hour, is a highlight. Admission is free. The closest MRT station is Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station. For more details, visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall website.

Hike with a View: Elephant Mountain

Also known as Xiangshan, Elephant Mountain offers one of the best hiking experiences in Taipei. The trail is relatively short but steep, taking about 20-30 minutes to reach the top. The reward is a stunning view of Taipei 101 and the city skyline, especially beautiful at sunset. Remember to bring plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes, as the trail can be quite steep. The trail is accessible via the MRT Xiangshan Station. For more information, visit the Elephant Mountain hiking guide.

Cultural Experience: Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples in Taipei, dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The temple is a blend of traditional Chinese architecture and intricate carvings. It is a place of worship and a cultural landmark. Visitors can participate in traditional rituals such as lighting incense and making offerings to the deities. The temple is located in the Wanhua District and is accessible via the MRT Longshan Temple Station. Admission is free. For more details, visit the Longshan Temple website.

Relax and Rejuvenate: Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Springs is a popular destination for relaxation, known for its mineral-rich and therapeutic natural hot springs. The area features several hot spring resorts, public baths, and the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. For a luxurious experience, visit the Beitou Hot Spring Resort, known for its beautiful setting and excellent facilities. The best time to visit is during the cooler months for a more comfortable soak. The area is accessible via the MRT Xinbeitou Station. For more information, visit the Beitou Hot Springs guide.

Scenic Rides: Maokong Gondola

The Maokong Gondola offers a scenic ride over the lush hills of Maokong, a tea-growing area in Taipei. At the top, visitors can explore tea plantations, enjoy tea tasting, and visit the Taipei Tea Promotion Center. The gondola ride costs NT$120 (around $4 USD) one way. The best time to visit is on clear days for optimal views. The closest MRT station is Taipei Zoo Station. For more details, visit the Maokong Gondola website.

Street Food Extravaganza: Raohe Street Night Market

Raohe Street Night Market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious street food. The market stretches for 600 meters, offering local delicacies like pepper buns, grilled squid, and herbal pork rib soup. Unique stalls such as the Fuzhou Black Pepper Buns are a must-try. It is located near the Songshan MRT Station. For more details, visit the Raohe Street Night Market guide.

Honoring a Leader: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Republic of China, this hall features exhibits on his life and the history of the Republic of China. The surrounding park is a popular spot for relaxation. The memorial hall is located near the Taipei City Hall MRT Station. Admission is free. For more details, visit the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall website.

Trendy Hangout: Ximending Shopping District

Often referred to as the "Harajuku of Taipei," Ximending is known for its trendy fashion, entertainment, and street performances. It's a popular hangout spot for young people, filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes. The best time to visit is in the evening for a lively atmosphere. Ximending is accessible via the MRT Ximen Station. For more information, visit the Ximending guide.

Nature's Paradise: Yangmingshan National Park

Located just outside Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is known for its hot springs, hiking trails, and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can explore volcanic terrain, lush forests, and seasonal flower blooms. The best time to visit is during spring for the cherry blossoms and autumn for the silvergrass. The park is accessible via bus from the MRT Jiantan Station. For more details, visit the Yangmingshan National Park website.

Charming Getaway: Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street is a charming mountain town known for its traditional teahouses, shops, and food stalls. Famous for its picturesque scenery and historical ambiance, Jiufen is a popular day trip destination. The best time to visit is on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds. The town is accessible via bus from the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. For more information, visit the Jiufen Old Street guide.

Natural Spectacle: Shifen Waterfall

Known as the "Little Niagara of Taiwan," Shifen Waterfall is a stunning natural attraction in the Pingxi District. Visitors can also explore the nearby Shifen Old Street and release sky lanterns. The best time to visit is after a heavy rain for the fullest waterfall experience. The area is accessible via train from the Taipei Main Station. For more details, visit the Shifen Waterfall guide.

Fun for All: Miramar Entertainment Park

Miramar Entertainment Park is known for its large Ferris wheel, offering panoramic views of Taipei. The complex features a shopping mall, restaurants, and a cinema. The best time to ride the Ferris wheel is at night for a dazzling view of the city lights. It is accessible via the MRT Jiannan Road Station. For more information, visit the Miramar Entertainment Park website.


Taipei offers a diverse range of attractions that cater to all interests, from historical landmarks and cultural sites to vibrant night markets and natural wonders. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or an outdoor enthusiast, Taipei has something for everyone. Be sure to explore these must-see sights to make the most of your visit to this dynamic city. Whether you’re exploring bustling night markets, hiking scenic trails, or soaking in hot springs, this dynamic city promises unforgettable experiences. Don’t hesitate to venture beyond these must-see sights and discover your own favorite spots in Taipei.

Budget Tips: Saving Money in Taipei

Snagging Affordable Flights

Start your budget trip to Taipei by securing affordable flights. Use flight search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, and Momondo to compare prices. Setting up price alerts can help you monitor fare changes and book when prices drop. According to Kayak, the cheapest month to fly from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Taipei City Sung Shan Airport is June, with average ticket prices around $390. Booking around 85 days in advance can also help you secure lower fares. Look out for last-minute deals and consider alternative airports for potentially lower prices.

Budget-Friendly Stays

Finding affordable accommodations in Taipei is crucial for budget travelers. The city offers a variety of options, from hostels to budget hotels and guesthouses. Hostels are popular among solo travelers and backpackers, providing both dormitory and private rooms at reasonable rates. Websites like Hostelworld and can help you find and compare prices for hostels in Taipei. Consider staying in neighborhoods like Ximending or Zhongshan for a mix of budget options and vibrant atmosphere.

For more privacy, budget hotels and guesthouses are excellent alternatives. These accommodations often provide comfortable stays without the high costs associated with luxury hotels. Capsule hotels and Airbnb experiences can offer unique lodging options. Reading reviews and comparing prices on platforms like TripAdvisor and Agoda can help you find the best deals.

Saving on Transportation

Transportation costs can add up quickly, but Taipei offers several budget-friendly options. The Taipei EasyCard is a must-have for discounted fares on the subway, bus, and gondola rides. Purchase the card at convenience stores or metro stations and load it with credit to enjoy significant savings on public transportation. Additionally, download transportation apps like Google Maps or Citymapper to navigate the city easily.

Consider renting a scooter for a unique and cost-effective way to explore the city. Scooter rentals are more affordable than taxis or car rentals and offer the freedom to navigate Taipei at your own pace. Another budget-friendly option is the YouBike system, which allows you to rent bicycles at low rates and explore the city on two wheels.

Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Taipei is rich in free and low-cost attractions that allow you to experience the city's culture and natural beauty without spending a fortune. Some of the best budget-friendly attractions include:

  • Temples: Taipei is home to numerous temples, such as the Longshan Temple, which offer free entry and a glimpse into the city's spiritual heritage.
  • Parks: Enjoy the tranquility of Taipei's parks, such as Daan Forest Park and 228 Peace Memorial Park, both of which are free to enter.
  • Night Markets: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Taipei's night markets, such as Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market, where you can sample local street food at affordable prices.
  • Hiking Trails: Taipei offers several hiking trails, such as those in Yangmingshan National Park, which provide stunning views and are free to access.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

Maximizing your budget in Taipei involves making smart choices and leveraging available resources. Here are some additional tips to help you save money:

  • Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass: This pass offers free entry to numerous attractions, museums, and galleries, as well as unlimited access to Taipei's public transportation system. The pass is available in 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour options, with prices starting at 1,500 NT ($47.68). More information can be found on the Taipei Fun Pass website. Use the pass to visit top attractions like the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101.
  • Local Trains: Opt for local trains instead of high-speed rails to save money on transportation. Local trains are more affordable and provide a unique opportunity to see the countryside as you travel between destinations.
  • Off-Peak Travel: Traveling during off-peak seasons can result in significant savings on flights, accommodations, and attractions. Avoiding peak travel times, such as holidays and weekends, can help you find better deals and enjoy a less crowded experience.
  • Prepaid SIM Cards: Purchase a prepaid SIM card with a data plan at Taiwan's airports for convenient and affordable internet access during your stay. This can help you avoid high roaming charges and stay connected while exploring the city.
  • Local Markets: Visit local grocery stores or markets, such as the Taipei Traditional Market, to buy affordable food and snacks. This can help you save money on meals and experience local cuisine.

By following these budget tips and making informed choices, you can enjoy a memorable and affordable trip to Taipei. Embrace the local culture, explore free and low-cost attractions, and take advantage of budget-friendly transportation options to make the most of your travel experience without breaking the bank.

Wrapping Up: Your Budget-Friendly Journey Awaits

Exploring Taipei on a budget is not only feasible but also immensely rewarding. From finding affordable flights and budget-friendly accommodations to savoring local delicacies at night markets, Taipei offers a wealth of experiences that won't strain your finances. By utilizing the city's efficient public transportation, you can easily navigate to must-see attractions such as Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, and Longshan Temple. Additionally, leveraging money-saving tips and resources like the Taipei Fun Pass can further stretch your travel budget.

Whether you're hiking up Elephant Mountain for a panoramic view of the city or indulging in a bowl of beef noodle soup, Taipei provides a diverse array of activities that cater to every interest and budget. By planning ahead and making informed choices, you can enjoy a rich cultural experience without compromising on quality or comfort. So pack your bags, follow this guide, and embark on a memorable adventure from Tokyo to Taipei that proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to have an amazing travel experience.

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